Virtual reality – a teaching and learning revolution

Telford College will be showcasing the latest virtual reality teaching and learning technology at its open event next week.

The college has linked up with local company Woote, which specialises in augmented reality, virtual reality, and motion simulation.

It will be demonstrating some of the latest new technology at the open event on January 17, which runs from 5pm to 7.30pm at the college’s Haybridge Road campus.

They will include a virtual reality ‘cave’ which transports people to working environments around the country, plus headsets, and driving and football simulators.

“The merger between Telford College of Arts and Technology and New College Telford has given us an opportunity to think outside the box,” said principal Graham Guest.

“We want to be at the forefront of education, which is why we are bringing in virtual reality and new technologies to inspire students. It will revolutionise ways of teaching and learning.”

Tim Luft of WOOTE demonstrates some of the virtual reality equipment that will be at the next open event at Telford College
Tim Luft of WOOTE demonstrates the virtual reality equipment that will be at the next open event at Telford College on 17 January

Woote chief executive Tim Luft said: “We see the open day at Telford College as a great way to both showcase the future of learning technology, and also to further recognise the college’s own innovation credentials.

“As they embark on a new journey, they are leading the way in which UK colleges adopt virtual reality and augmented reality as an everyday teaching tool.”
The open event is also an opportunity to find out more about Telford College’s expanded range of academic and vocational qualifications, as well as apprenticeships.

Click here to register for the open event and have the opportunity to try out the new virtual reality equipment.


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