We’re doing things differently for A level students this year

Telford College has created an online learning platform for new A Level students to give them an insight into what its pioneering 7th Form is all about.

It’s the latest move by the college to make the most of technology and keep students on track with their learning since the Covid-19 restrictions began.

Holly Davies, head of 7th Form, said: “In the light of recent events, we’re doing things differently this year.

“Traditionally, we would be offering taster sessions to our applicants on our campus at this time

Telford College | 7th form presentation
Telford College | 7th form presentation

of the year, plus many other opportunities for hands-on engagement with the content of our A Level curriculum.

“Instead, we’ve created an exciting online platform for our new students this year, which includes videos from current learners and details of what each A Level subject entails.

“It gives new students the chance to see what being a 7th Former at Telford College means, and offers them a taste of the atmosphere that they will be joining.”

As part of the platform, the team behind each subject have created ‘Pre-A Level’ work – this means students can prepare for the new academic year and really get ahead.

Holly said: “Students can see all the subjects at once, and try out as many as they like. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to start their new year even more prepared than usual.”

The college has been using a wide range of online platforms to stay in touch with their students since the lockdown began.

A Level students have been having online lessons three times a week, plus one-to-one sessions with their teachers, and have been set homework to ensure they remain on track.

Telford College | 7th Form montage
Telford College | 7th Form montage

Holly added: “Students have been getting in touch to say how much they’re enjoying engaging with A level work.

“We have been excited to see how our students have responded to the online learning experience and how far they have come since Easter.

“The Pre-A Level work is a continuation of this approach; we are keen to work with our new students and reassure them that their A Levels are very much still on.”

To view the full presentation, CLICK HERE

Telford College’s 7th Form merges the A level offerings of a traditional sixth form with direct links to universities and local businesses to give students viable careers destinations.

Alongside the traditional A level and combined courses being offered by the college, the 7th Form will also offer 10 distinct career routes in leading industries.


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