Principal’s welcome

Welcome to Telford College – the place where we help people to achieve their ambitions.

The world is changing, and so are the range of skills which businesses are looking for.

We’ve listened carefully to their views and shaped our curriculum to meet the challenges of a post-Covid world.

Our fantastic team of experienced staff go the extra mile to support your child on every step of their journey.

No question is too big, or too small – if your child is looking to enrol with us and there’s something you’d like to talk through with us in more detail, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our campus is very diverse: It’s home to our A level centre, the 7th Form, as well as a wide range of vocational students, adult learners and apprentices.

This creates a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new ideas, and discover exactly what your child wants to do with their future.

We continue to invest heavily in our university-standard facilities to provide fantastic resources, all backed up by the latest hi-tech learning platforms.

Happy students are productive students, and more likely to succeed, so creating the right atmosphere around campus is very important to us.

Sometimes, though, we recognise that what students really need most of all is support with their confidence, self-esteem, or a greater focus on how best to match their true skills, creativity, or technical abilities. And we are always here to help.

Telford College has taken the challenges of the pandemic very seriously, following Government guidelines to ensure that student safety and achievement is paramount.

We have adapted many of our timetables and practices to maximise safety, and will continue to be vigilant.

We have a student-first approach at Telford College: It’s the key to creating a friendly and supportive environment to learn and study.

What your child does and achieves during their time with us will influence the rest of their life.

Our aim is simple: to help them reach their full potential, and achieve their career dreams.

Graham Guest
Principal and CEO
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