Student expectations

Student expectations

Front of college campus building in daylight

Dear parent/carer

It has been a pleasure to welcome students to college campus, as we begin the first term. The vast majority of our students have displayed excellent behaviours and attitudes to learning, their peers and their teachers. Students have settled in quickly and are nearing the end of their induction period. During induction students receive information on some of the key values of the college community, their social responsibilities and safeguarding. Students will have received a link to the student handbook as part of their induction, which details key information about the college, please find a copy of the link for your viewing by clicking here.

As part of our codes of conduct, shared with students in induction, all students and staff must wear identification whilst on campus. This is an essential part of keeping our college a safe environment and college ID badges are a crucial part of our safeguarding process. While we recognise that in a minority of cases an ID badge may be forgotten, the temporary ID badge should be used as an exception and not repeatedly used.

Requesting temporary ID means that students can be late for lessons and that they are not fully prepared for learning. Lack of identification places them and other students at risk. In addition, there is a cost to the student and a cost to college for the issuing of badges, all of which can be avoided. Please note, that following 3 occasions of requesting a temporary ID badge, a £2 charge will be issued for any further temporary badges requested.

We understand that the transition from school to college is a new experience for students starting with us this year: remembering ID badges, managing free periods and different timetabling arrangements is different from school structures and students are doing well as they adjust to these changes and expectations of them as young adults.

Students who are returning to us this year are aware of these expectations and we ask that they continue to be college ready following the summer break.

We appreciate support from the families and support networks of our young people and ask, as students are transitioning to us and returning from summer breaks, that they are reminded to bring their ID badge when they come to college. If students do continue to forget their ID, there may be instances where a temporary ID will not be issued, and they are sent home.

Yours sincerely

Rachael Wilson

Vice Principal: Curriculum



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