L3 Maths National Skills Fund

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  • Stuart Gregory (stuart.gregory@telfordcollege.ac.uk)
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  • life,7th form,Maths
  • Level:
  • 3
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  • 19
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This course is for motivated students, who enjoy maths and are looking to improve their maths skills. Students who take this course will improve their problem solving, critical thinking and resilience. The course will help students improve their employability and will prepare students for higher education courses where good maths skills are a requirement. For those aspiring for higher qualifications in Maths, Science, Computing, Engineering, this course would be a great opportunity to strengthen your key maths skills and gain a highly valued AS qualification in Mathematics.

L3 AS Mathematics (1-year course)

Career Prospects

Opens the door to careers such as Engineering, Computing, STEM careers

Entry Requirements

Your highest qualification must be lower than a level 3 diploma or 2 A levels/4 AS levels.

Additional Details

Two 90-minute exam papers at the end of the year.
Paper 1: Pure Mathematics and Mechanics
Paper 2: Pure Mathematics and Statistics

Please apply for Lifetime Skills - Maths Level 3 Free for adults 19+ who do not already have a level 3 qualification (A levels or BTEC/Pearson level 3 qualification) This course will be Thrusdays 6pm - 9pm.

After the course

A level maths, other A level courses, higher education courses that require maths.

L3 Maths National Skills Fund

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