Smart Book

We’re celebrating excellent work from our students here at Kickstart Academy. Each week our winner’s work will be uploaded here!


Congratulations Tom for winning this week’s smartbook nomination for his excellent work and efforts in Maths – keep up the hard work Tom!

Smartbook | Kickstart | Tom


Well done to Saphire for producing an amazing piece of work in science and winning smartbook this week. Keep up the good work Saphire!

Smartbook | Kickstart | Saphire


Well done to Jasmin for her excellent efforts in maths this week, creating this beautiful piece of work. Congratulations!

Smartbook | Kickstart | Jasmin


Well done to Josh for some amazing discussions in your Science work!

Smartbook | Kickstart | Josh
Smartbook | Kickstart | Josh


Well done to Chad for fantastic effort in maths this week!

Smartbook | Kickstart | Chad
Smartbook | Kickstart | Chad


Great art work here from Kyle – a worthy smart book winner for this week!

Smartbook | Kickstart | Kyle


Well done Harvey for winning smart book for this wonderful Art work!

Smartbook | Kickstart | Harvey


Well done to Lily for some amazing work in Maths and Science – great effort Lily!

smartbook 20 09 | Kickstart


Well done to Danny, the smart book winner this week for some brilliant English work. Great effort Danny – keep it up!

Danny | Kickstart | Telford College


Well done to the winner Tyler, for some excellent PSHE work this week!

Smartbook | Tyler


Well done to Jack, who has won this week for producing some excellent work across multiple subjects!


This week there are two winners as it was just too hard to choose!

Well done to Tyler for his excellent English work and Tom for a great work ethic in science.

smartbook 21 06 | Kickstart
smartbook 21 06 2 | Kickstart


Well done to Kyle for some great work in English – winning smart book this week.

smartbook 14 06 | Kyle | Kickstart


Well done to Saphire for winning Smartbook this week, her effort in maths was excellent. 

smartbook | Kickstart


Well done to Chad for some exceptional work from last week, he was nominated for Maths, Art and English work. Brilliant effort Chad!

Chad | Kickstart Academy | Telford College
Chad | Kickstart Academy | Telford College
Chad | Kickstart Academy | Telford College


Well done to Josh for this excellent science work!

smartbook Josh Z Kickstart


Well done to Niamh who has won the smart book award this week for her excellent English work!

smartbook | Kickstart | Niamh


Well done to Charlie the winner of smart book this week for some excellent science work!

Charlie | Smartbook | Kickstart


Well done to Ashley who is the winner of the smart book award this week for some brilliant science work!

Ashley | Smartbook | Kickstart


Well done to Reece who was the winner of the smart book award this week for some excellent English work!

Reece | Kickstart | Smartbook


Well done to Joel for this excellent piece of artwork on optical patterns. Brilliant effort, Joel!


Well done to Jack for this excellent maths work!