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Revising Tips

Revision tips to ace your GCSEs – Top Ten Tips from Telford College.
Revising for GCSEs can seem like a big task but don’t worry – we’ve put together 10 revision tips to ensure you ace your exams

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#1 Be confident

The power of positivity can do wonders for you when revising. Tackle your revision head on and be confident going into your exams.

#2 Get planning

Use a planner so you can schedule revision around your exams, and don’t forget to plan
in some me time too.

Students looking at their results smiling | revision tip for you | register for a course#3 Focus on English and maths

Whether you’re going to college, sixth form or going into work after you finish school these qualifications are vital for your next steps. They might not be your favourite subjects but getting a grade 9 to 4 this year will open up so many opportunities in the future.

#4 Post-it trail

Post-it notes can be easy to memorise. Stick them up around the house where you walk about on your morning and evening routines.

#5 Start Early

Take any pressure off by starting early with your revision.
Think of all that nagging your parents and teachers won’t be able to do because you’re one step ahead.

#6 Have a break

Take short breaks, but not too many! About 10 minutes every hour will help keep your brain
fresh and engaged.

#7 Muscle memory

Don’t just read your notes – by writing them out you’ll give your brain another opportunity
to remember what you’re revising.

three students working together | revision tips | register for a course at Telford College#8 Revision zone

Create a revision zone at home where you can keep your books out and focus on your work free from distractions.

#9 Look after yourself

Eat healthy food, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly to keep you in tip-top condition for revising.

#10 …Ooo Revision friend

Ask some friends over for a revision session. Help each other out and test each other – there’s
no need to tackle it on your own.

Everyone at Telford College wishes you good luck with your GCSEs this summer and for your next steps.

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