(ICE, sections 27, 30, 31)

Collecting scripts

Invigilators must:

  • collect all the scripts/objective test sheets, question papers and any other
    materials before candidates are allowed to leave the examination room
  • check that there is a script/objective test sheet for every candidate marked as present on the attendance register
  • check that the names on the scripts match the details on the attendance register (all awarding bodies except CCEA)
  • put the scripts/objective test sheets in the order shown on the attendance register
  • check that candidates have used their correct centre and candidate number
  • give the scripts/objective test sheets to the person responsible for despatching them to the awarding body/examiner.

Exam office staff, including invigilators, must ensure scripts are handled securely at all times.

Checking scripts

When checking that the candidate and centre information matches the details on the attendance register, if a discrepancy is identified the centre may correct the discrepancy or add to the information recorded by the candidate on the front of their answer booklet and/or on any supplementary sheets used.

This should be restricted to the:

  • centre number
  • candidate number
  • candidate name
  • component/unit code

The correction should be counter-signed on the script. Centres must not alter any other details on the candidate’s script

Unused stationery

Invigilators must:

  • collect all unused stationery in the examination room
  • check it for any loose sheets which candidates may have missed
  • return it to the exams officer

Releasing question papers

Question papers must not be released to centre personnel until after the awarding body’s published finishing time for the examination or, in the case of a timetable variation, until all candidates within the centre have completed the examination.