(ICE, section 22)

Invigilators must ensure that the attendance register:

  • is accurately completed during the examination, in line with
    the awarding body’s instructions, clearly indicating those candidates who are
    either present, absent or transferred;
  • includes the details of candidates who took the examination but are not shown on the register
  • has the numbers and names of candidates crossed through who have been officially withdrawn from a paper or a subject but who are still shown on the register

When to complete the attendance register

The attendance register must have been completed before the end of the examination. This will ensure that a check can be made as the scripts are collected.

Invigilators must confirm with their exams officer when the attendance register should be completed. It can be completed at any of the following points before or during the examination:

  • Option 1: As candidates enter the room (small cohort) (or when identifying candidates)
  • Option 2: As candidates complete the front of their answer booklet/are being given instructions
  • Option 3: Once candidates are seated and have started the examination. This will allow for the identification of absent candidates who can be contacted as to their whereabouts