Telford College runs examinations throughout the academic year.  For each examination, there will be a team of invigilators or a sole invigilator depending on the number of candidates.  For an examination where more than one invigilator is required, a member of staff will have been identified as the Lead Invigilator.

Centres must be able to demonstrate the receipt, secure movement and secure storage of question papers and confidential materials.  The Lead Invigilator should collect the exam materials from the Exams Office (E030) before the start of the examination.

Collecting And arranging question paper packets (ICE 1)

All exam packets are checked by the Exams Officer and another member of the exams team prior to removal from the secure store – this is known as the second pair of eyes check.  This check is recorded.  If it is subsequently identified following the second pair of eyes check that the wrong question paper packet has been opened, it must be resealed, and the exams team informed immediately.  The incident will be reported to the   relevant awarding body’s Malpractice Investigation Team immediately by the Exams Officer.

The Lead or Sole Invigilator must collect and return all papers/secure materials from the Exams Office (E030). All invigilators are responsible for ensuring that security and integrity of the papers is maintained at all times and papers are not left unattended.

An exam cover sheet will also be provided which shows important information such as start times, number of candidates, access arrangements and the name of the examination(s).

Invigilators should also take anything else they need for the examination such as a clock and exam room posters.

Agreed Method for Summoning Assistance

It is imperative that the invigilator(s) must be able to get help easily, without leaving the examination room and without disturbing the candidates.  It is acceptable for an invigilator to take their own mobile phone into the exam room solely for the purpose of summoning assistance. The mobile phone must be kept on silent mode.


As soon as examination papers or other examination stationery are handed to the invigilator, the invigilator is responsible for maintaining the security of those materials. “Invigilators have a key role in upholding the integrity of the external examination/assessment process.”

Once in receipt of all required examination materials, the invigilator should go straight to their designated examination room. All invigilators are responsible for ensuring that security is maintained at all times and papers are not left unattended.

Examination question papers must be kept sealed until they reach the exam room.

Official exam stationery such as answer booklets must also be kept secure at all times.

A reader and/or scribe is not allowed to access the question paper prior to the starting time in order to prepare.

An invigilator should contact the Exams Officer immediately if they have any queries or are suspicious about the security of the examination papers.