(ICE, section 18)

Invigilator tasks

Invigilators must take all reasonable steps to make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • The correct examination question papers have been placed face-up on candidates’ desks. This includes modified papers and those on coloured paper.
  • The official examination stationery for the unit/component, e.g. answer booklets and additional answer sheets, must be issued to candidates. No other stationery, including paper for rough work, can be provided.
  • In a subject where there is an objective test or a personalised question paper, and individual pre-printed answer sheets are provided for each candidate, each individual answer sheet or personalised question paper must be given to the candidate whose name appears on it. Centres must check that the sheets relate to the subject and the unit/component concerned.
  • In the examination room candidates must not have access to items other than those stated in the instructions on the question paper, the stationery list or the specification for that subject. Candidates must not be in possession of the following items:
    • iPods
    • mobile phones
    • MP3/4 players or similar devices
    • Watches/smart watches
  • Ideally, all unauthorised items are left outside of the examination room
  • Any pencil cases taken into the examination room must be see-through
  • Any unauthorised items that have been taken into the examination room must be placed out of reach of the candidates (and not under their desks) before the examination starts. This will normally be at the front of the examination room or a similar arrangement that enables the invigilator to control access to the items.
  • Following the invigilator’s announcement (see ICE, Appendix 3) any mobile phones or other unauthorised items in the candidates’ possession must be handed to the invigilator prior to the examination starting. This also includes watches.
  • If candidates have access to unauthorised items in the examination room this may be considered as malpractice. They could be subject to penalties in accordance with the JCQ publication Suspected Malpractice: Policies and Procedures, 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023
  • Food and drink may be allowed in the examination room at the discretion of the head of centre. However, any food or drink brought into the examination room by the candidate or the centre must be free from packaging and all labels removed from drink containers. To enable invigilators to check these items quickly and efficiently: food brought into the examination room by the candidate must be free of packaging and in a transparent container; drink bottles must be transparent with all labels removed which would include transparent, reusable plastic bottles.