OK, so we’ve talked about the massive range of opportunities available to you.
It’s time to talk about what you feel might be stopping you, or holding you back.
There are all sorts of reasons why you might feel university’s not for you. Here are the most talked about points, and how to overcome them:

Why getting a university qualification doesn’t always mean going to university

Do you need to convince people around you that going to university will pay off?
There have been a lot of changes in university funding and sometimes your friends or family might doubt whether
going to university will lead to a better career. But by 2022, it’s expected that half of all jobs will require a degree or
equivalent, and people who do get higher qualifications on average will earn around £100,000 more in their
careers than someone who doesn’t.
So don’t rule it out just yet. Find out more about tuition fees, loans and finances in this guide.
Are you worried about money and debt?
Maybe money is tight and the pressure is on to get a job so you can contribute to household bills. There are plenty of
ways to study a university qualification and even if you are studying full time, this is often only around 10-16 hours
per week – so there’s plenty of time to work part time to earn money.
Universities can offer bursaries and assistance if you’re experiencing financial hardship too.
Click her to find out more information about financesThinking about whether you’ll fit in?
Maybe your school friends aren’t considering university. Maybe you lack confidence and feel you’re not in the
‘in crowd’ or ‘brainy enough’ compared to others. Going to college and university is a great way to be who you
want to be and meet like-minded people. Don’t let your school days define you – there’s so much more out
there for you to experience

Maybe you don’t know anyone else who’s been to university?

When you don’t have sisters, brothers, parents or relatives who have experienced university, it  can sometimes feel like a door that just won’t open for you. Don’t let that put you off. Go to university open days, talk to other students, and you’ll feel inspired. Set your sights as high as
possible and don’t be afraid to put yourself first.

Why getting a university qualification doesn’t always mean going to university


There are so many ways you can study a university qualification, such as at your local college here in Telford, or part time at university. You can even study for foundation
degrees on day-release from a job. It’s completely up to you whether you see yourself packing your bags, living with housemates and getting to know a new city or town, or whether you
want to study closer