Who’s who at Telford College: Meet the team

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Who’s who at Telford College: Meet the team

Executive leadership team

Graham Guest

Principal and CEO

Janet Stephens

Deputy CEO

Curriculum leadership team

Ian Browne

Vice Principal: Curriculum

Holly Davies

Head of Academic

Robert Lees

Director of Engineering and Aviation

Teresa Hughes

Director Business, Digital and Professional

Beckie Bosworth

Head of Employability

Sarah Davies

Director of Health and Science

Ashely Bowler

Director of Vocational

Tom James

Director of High Needs

Business leadership team

Phil Brockhurst

Vice Principal: Finance and Resource

Emma Casar

Head of Finance

Laura Roche

Head of Human Resources

Diane Adams

Head of MIS and Exams

Sarah Jones

Assistant Principal: Student Experience and Safeguarding

David Candlin

Director of Estates

Tom Benton

Director of IT and Digital Innovation

Louise Farmer

Marketing Manager

Caroline Bastow

Head of Quality and LTA

Curriculum management team

The curriculum management team report to the the relevant director from the curriculum leadership team. 

Robert Bennion

Learner Manager: A Level

Abigail Allen

Programme Manager: Higher Education and Access

George Heeks

Learner Manager: Engineering and Aviation

Mel Newbrook

Learner Manager: Sport and Public Services

Emma Wade

Learner Manager: Business and Digital

Andrew Turner

Learner Manager: Creative and Music

Nikki Steadman

Learner Manager: Automotive and Construction

Louise Pearce

Learner Manager: Health, Early Years and Education

Ben Hughes

Learner Manager: Maths

Charlotte Anson

Learner Manager: Hair, Beauty and Catering

Lindsey Mulhern

Learner Manager: English

Slav Sutton

Business Programme Manager

David Moreton

Business Programme Manager

Sue Williams

Business Programme Manager