Keeping our students safe

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The health and wellbeing of students is of prime importance to us, and we want them to feel safe at all times. 

Telford College takes the emotional health and wellbeing of students and staff very seriously.  

Knowing that they can access the support we offer, whenever they need it, will make a big difference to a student’s college experience.  

The college’s BeSafe Team has counsellors and mentors on site, who are here to support them. 

If you have any concerns about the safety of any student, we want you to contact a member of our BeSafe team: You can call 01952 642220, email to or report to main reception. 

All suspicions of abuse will be taken seriously, and responded to swiftly.  

All students, regardless of ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability, have the right to a safe environment.

All students have the right to learn in a safe environment.  Telford College operates a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards bullying, including physical, emotional, online or verbal abuse.

In our technology-driven world, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what the various digital platforms do, how they work, and the safety settings you require.  If you find this difficult and confusing, there is a useful website called ParentZone which has lots of helpful tips and advice.