College duo help to reshape Telford Business Board

College duo help to reshape Telford Business Board


Telford Business Board is celebrating its successful registration as a Community Interest Company.

Telford College principal and chief executive, Graham Guest, is one of the founding directors of the new-look organisation – as well as the college’s chair of governors, Paul Hinkins.

The transition will mean TBB operating as a more dynamic entity, able to flex for the future and be a conduit for consultation and support, the committee says.

Importantly TBB will now be able to use received donations, grants and bids, to continue to back the commerce and local economy of Telford.

The group describes this as ‘an incredibly positive change’ as the board was previously unable to receive any direct funding.

The TBB board consists of prominent members of Telford’s business community, individuals with a vast amount of expertise in their respective industries across both the public and private sectors. Each member of the group gives their time on a pro bono basis, working to open the door to positive change for businesses across Telford & Wrekin and beyond.

This will include developing business led sustainable development projects, digital transformation, skills pathways, providing mentoring for individuals and organisations and facilitating knowledge exchange and a range of business and community engagement related activities such as events, exhibitions, talks and become a very real channel of communication.

Chair Will Westley said: “The opportunity to really have more financial scope to support Telford’s businesses as a CIC is wonderful and we owe huge thanks to the enormous efforts and dedication of retiring chair Paul Hinkins in bringing this endeavour to fruition.

“The town of Telford is still young, but has grown hugely over the recent years and despite the challenging economic impact of the pandemic on its business and residents, it continues to invest in its own future.

“The collaboration is a very real example of how when strong future focussed minds and communities come together the possibilities for growth are limitless. Each and every founding director of the Telford Business Board has worked tirelessly to make this happen and is proud and excited to be a part of such a positive partnership, one that hopes to support Telford and Wrekin as we recover from such a tumultuous time and look forward to an empowered future”.

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