Science – T level

You will develop a general understanding of areas such as health, safety and environmental regulations, managing information and data, principles of good scientific and clinical practice, plus core science concepts including the structure of cells, tissues and large molecules, genetics, microbiology and immunology. You can also specialise in laboratory sciences.

Physics – A Level

Student conducting light refraction science experiment

This gives you the opportunity to explore big questions – how did the universe begin and how will it end? What holds the parts of an atom together? Is there a theory of everything? It is ideal if you have an inquisitive mind and good problem-solving skills, with practical experiment work and research. You’ll apply […]

Chemistry – A Level

Student outside conducting science experiment

Develop your understanding of chemical concepts and the world around us in this comprehensive study of chemistry. You’ll explore a wide range of topics in physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, from examining substance composition to studying atomic structure. You’ll also hone your investigative skills with practical laboratory work, examining chemical reactions, substances and properties through […]

Biology – A Level

Student conducting heart dissection science experiment

Explore the science of living organisms, understand the ever-changing field of genetic engineering and discover the issues affecting today’s world. You’ll develop your theoretical understanding, exploring a diverse range of topics from cellular structure and DNA through to evolution and ecosystems, using laboratory experiments and demonstrations. If you’re considering a science-based career, such as medicine, […]