Business and enterprise courses are built around practical, vocationally-focused assignments all based on real-life workplace situations.

You’ll get the chance to undertake placements at top local companies, and collaborate with organisations on real-life projects, gaining vital experience in the workplace.

Business | Telford College

Business | Telford College

You can focus on a particular subject area, and develop a range of specialist skills and knowledge.

There are several specialist pathways available, allowing you to focus on particular areas of interest such as law, marketing, human resources, accounts and finance, and management.

Qualifications are achieved by a combination of coursework and assessment, and open up various further study options including a top-up to a full degree at university.

Did you know? Business enterprise students are increasingly being used by companies to transform their organisational models and help them to compete more effectively.


  • Human resources
  • Accounts
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Civil service
  • Retail management
Course Name School Assessment  
A Level Business7th Form, BusinessAssessment is through formally set external exams.Career Insights
A Level Economics7th Form, Maths, BusinessAssessment is exam based only, with 3 x 2 hour external exams in the final year.Career Insights
A Level Law7th Form, Humanties and Social Science, BusinessAssessment is 100% by written exam, so this course is aimed at students who find exams easier than coursework.Career Insights
AAT in Accounting & Business Level 2Accounting, BusinessStudents must successfully complete six unit assessments, one combined unit assessment and one synoptic assessment to achieve this qualification. The proportion of this qualification assessed by external assessment is 100%.Career Insights
AAT in Accounting & Business Level 3Accounting, Business

Students must successfully complete four unit assessments and one synoptic assessment to achieve this qualification. The proportion of this qualification assessed by external assessment is 100%.

Career Insights
Business Level 1BusinessYou will be assessed on a unit-by-unit approach, through a combination of assessment styles. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and apply your knowledge in an appropriate, work-related context.Career Insights
Business Level 2BusinessPredominantly coursework with some external tests in English and maths.Career Insights
Business Level 3BusinessUnits are assessed throughout the year through assignments, coursework and observation of practical activity and some exams.Career Insights