Business and enterprise courses are built around practical, vocationally-focused assignments all based on real-life workplace situations.

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Course Name School Assessment  
A Level Business7th Form, BusinessAssessment is through formally set external exams.Career Insights
A Level Economics7th Form, Maths, BusinessAssessment is exam based only, with 3 x 2 hour external exams in the final year.Career Insights
A Level Law7th Form, Humanties and Social Science, BusinessAssessment is 100% by written exam, so this course is aimed at students who find exams easier than coursework.Career Insights
Business Level 1BusinessYou will be assessed on a unit-by-unit approach, through a combination of assessment styles. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and apply your knowledge in an appropriate, work-related context.Career Insights
Business Level 2BusinessPredominantly coursework with some external tests in English and maths.Career Insights
Business Level 3BusinessUnits are assessed throughout the year through assignments, coursework and observation of practical activity and some exams.Career Insights