Do you want to build a construction career in an area where the UK is currently experiencing big staff shortages?

We have full time courses, apprenticeships and for those looking for CSCS testing we provide this service contact us on this link

We have a suite of modern, well equipped training facilities offering courses in:

  • Bricklaying
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Basic construction skills

These courses will particularly appeal to those who want to explore practical elements of the building sector and learn general tricks of the trade.

Construction || Apprenticeships | Telford College

Construction || Apprenticeships | Telford College

They offer a blend of practical tasks, as well as some theory areas of the industry – and may particularly suit learners who prefer not to sit written exams.

There are opportunities to take on simulated work experience projects, and placement opportunities with local firms will also be available to students.

There are no-end of career opportunities available to students . . . from electricians and estimators to carpenters and civil engineers, roofers, road workers and fitters.

Did you know? Many companies are currently having to draft in staff from overseas due to a lack of suitably qualified UK construction workers.


If you choose to take up an apprenticeship we have contacts with many local and national employers who run apprenticeships in a wide variety of construction fields that vital for the future of the country’s built environment.

These apprenticeships include:

  • Bricklaying
  • Construction operations
  • Property maintenance
  • Highway maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical technical installation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Constructions and built environment
  • Quantity surveying
  • Surveying
  • Structural engineering
  • Management
  • Site supervisor
  • Occupation work supervisor
  • Site management (Level 6)

Follow this link to view our latest apprenticeship vacancies.


Course Name School Assessment  
Construction Level 1Construction and Building ServicesYou will be continuously assessed throughout the course, this will involve both practical and theoretical aspects to enable you to complete unit assessments online and practical assessments at the end of each unit.Career Insights
Construction Level 2Construction and Building ServicesEach element of the course will be assessed through assignments.Career Insights
Electrical Installations Level 2Construction and Building ServicesCity & Guilds online examination and practical assessments.Career Insights