The emphasis of Foundation Learning courses are firmly on practical elements – and there’s a wide choice of topics.

What we offer

  • Foundation Learning is suitable for students who are supported by an EHCP who require additional support to prepare for employment.
  • The programmes of study within Foundation Learning and The Willow Tree Centre focus on preparing students for employment and adult life, through a mixture of relevant qualifications and non-qualification activity.
  • For students who identify employment as their main goal, the curriculum prepares students for this by incrementally developing skills, knowledge and behaviours on the Work Skills Programme (internal WEX to learn new skills), the Pre- Supported Internship Programme (external WEX to apply new skills) and then the Supported Internship Programme (to consolidate skills over time).
  • For students with severe and complex needs, the development of independent living skills are facilitated through the Independence and Preparation for Life Programme.
  • Additionally, all students on either pathway have the opportunity to undertake Youth Social Action opportunities through the Street Champions Local Authority volunteer scheme, which ensures that all students take an active part in their local community of Telford.
Foundation students taking part in a community outreach project for Christmas gifting charity Christmas Smile

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What do we offer?

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Course Name School Assessment  
RARPA Preparation For LifeFoundation LearningNon accredited (no qualifications required- students will be individually assessed using RARPA). Career Insights
Supported InternshipFoundation LearningThere is a mixture of accredited and non-accredited learning (qualifications will focus on work skills, maths and English). Career Insights
Work skillsFoundation LearningMixture of accredited and non-accredited learning (qualifications will focus on work skills, maths and English). Career Insights