Public services

Our public uniformed services courses are designed specifically for people who are seeking a career in the Police, Fire Service or the Armed Forces.

These careers aren’t for everyone but they can be a dream come true for many, offering physically active routines, and a chance to travel.

Public uniformed services | Telford College

Public uniformed services | Telford College

Our public uniformed services courses allow you to make an informed judgement about whether you are cut out for a career in public services. And if you are, they will give you all the skills you need to enhance your career prospects.

The daily routine includes drill and physical training, followed by a mixture of practical and theoretical sessions.

Visiting speakers provide up-to-date information about career possibilities and explain the application process for their service.

Subjects tackled on the range of BTEC courses include citizenship, fitness testing, expedition skills, discipline, teamwork, and first aid.

You will also get chance to test your endurance skills on an army assault course, experience an outdoor pursuits centre, and visit many public uniform services to see them at work.

Did you know? Public uniformed services courses can also be a passport into a career in the prison service, as a security officer, store detective or bodyguard.


  • The British Army
  • The Royal Air Force
  • The Royal Navy
  • Police
  • Fire and Rescue Service
Course Name School Assessment  
Public Services Level 2Public Uniformed ServicesContinual assessment through vocationally based assignments. Career Insights
Public Services Level 3Public Uniformed ServicesUnits are assessed throughout the year through assignments, coursework, observation of practical activity.Career Insights