Kelly Ashman – HND in Computing & Systems Development in her own words

Before Telford College

I left school and went on to study various A-levels but decided they weren’t really for me. They felt like lots of theory with no hands on practical work to sink my teeth into.

At Telford College

Kelly Ashman

Kelly Ashman

By the end of the two years, I was much more confident. I also learnt a whole new range of skills, some of which I’d never even heard of before I started. I was the only female on the course, but it didn’t stop me. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the staff at Telford College. Everyone is an expert in what they do and really helpful too.

After Telford College

I’ve been awarded a First Class Degree in Digital Forensics at Staffordshire University. I’ve also gained extra qualifications in performing mobile phone forensics and computer forensics.

Course Name School Assessment  
HNC in Computing and Systems Development (HE)Computing100% coursework.Career Insights
HND in Computing & Systems Development Level 5Computing

Work is assessed on an ongoing basis through the completion of assignment tasks. Deadlines for these assessments will be set at the beginning of each year.

Typical methods of assessment include assignments, developing portfolios, coursework, presentations and examinations. 

Career Insights