Enrichment at Telford College

You will have the opportunity to engage in a range of additional enrichment activities to build your skills and knowledge through our careers and enrichment based programmes.

From a careers development perspective, you will not only be able to access UCAS events and university visits, but will meet with industry experts, take part in work experience placements and engage in business enterprise activities to enhance your employability skills.

Anthony talks Sports Enrichment

  • If you would like to join any of the virtual enrichment clubs we currently run at the college just click on the Teams link and you will be permitted to join the group. 

Virtual Dungeons and Dragons 

Virtual Anime Club 

Virtual LGBT Group 

Additional Enrichment Via Online Learning 

 There is a number of ways to achieve online learning via these links. Please click on the below which will take you to some online courses. 

  • These will be proof of your professional development
  • Will support you with job applications/UCAS
  • You can work through at your own pace
  • We have identified courses for your curriculum area, but there are around 1000 courses to choose from
  • Each site will give you proof of participation 

Click on any of these links to achieve additional enrichment 


Driver theory testing 

A number of students have requested that we add a Driver theory session to the enrichment programme at the college. The college has managed to access a free online driver theory software called Driving Test Success anytime.

  • For just (£5 three months subscription) or (£8 six months subscription) students will get unlimited access to the software.
  • Anytime spent of this software by the student is easily tracked by the college and will be added as enrichment hours.

If you are interested in purchasing a subscription you must firstly pay at reception. You can then take your receipt to Dan in the learner hub who will set you up on the software.

For more information on Driver Test Success click on this web link. https://www.dtsanytime.co.uk/home.aspx

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with former students who have been through the programme to inspire you with your studies.

You’ll be able to enjoy taking part in a range of enrichment activities that build employability skills. Whether it is demonstrating teamwork through representing a sports academy team, or showing leadership and communication through running a student club, there will be a wide range of activities to become involved in.

Students will leave Telford College with increased employability skills and relevant experiences which will help progression.