Welcome to the exams page, you’ll find everything you need to know about upcoming examinations

Functional skills and Professional or occupational qualifications

Candidates studying Functional skills English and/or maths L1/L2, or professional/ occupational qualifications, for example hairdressing or AAT, exams are on-demand and scheduled as per tutor/assessor request. 

Tutors/Assessors will inform candidates of dates and times. Candidates will receive a text reminder the day before the exam. Campus based Functional Skills L1/L2 candidates will receive a timetable via their student email account.


January/February Vocational Examinations and assessments

Examinations take place between Wednesday 12 January and Tuesday 25 January 2022

Set tasks take place between Wednesday 12 January and Monday 28 February 2022


Candidates will receive a timetable which will list all exams/assessments that they will be sitting.  This must be checked by the candidates and any errors or omissions should be reported to the exams office immediately – exams@telfordcollege.ac.uk .  Candidates are responsible for checking:

  • Name is spelt correctly
  • Address is correct
  • Dates and times of all exams

The timetable includes examination details such as special arrangements, date, time, duration and seat number. 

A text reminder will be sent the day before the exam.

January Timetable available here

Examination regulations

Copies of regulatory notices can be found at the JCQ website

  • Information for Candidates –Coursework
  • Information for Candidates – Non-Examination Assessment
  • Information for Candidates – On Screen-Tests
  • Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice
  • Information for Candidates – Social Media
  • Information for Candidates – Written Examinations

It is important that candidates read and understand the regulations as any breach of these rules could result in a candidate being disqualified from examinations.

The ‘Warning to Candidates’ and ‘Unauthorised items Poster’ will be displayed outside each examination venue.

At all times during the exams, please follow the instructions of the invigilator.


Attendance at examinations

Candidates are responsible for checking their own timetables and arriving at college on the correct day and time.

Candidates should go straight to their examination room and then wait outside until the invigilator calls them in.  Please be outside the room no more than 10 minutes before the start time.  If you are unable to attend an exam for a genuine reason, please contact the exams team exams@telfordcollege.ac.uk and provide appropriate evidence.   Please refer to the Fee’s policy for non-attendance charges information.


Food and drink

Food is not permitted in the examination room unless there is a medical requirement.

Water is permitted in the examination room, but must it be in a clear bottle with the label removed.



Candidates should make sure they have the correct equipment for the exam.  The following equipment may be required as per the individual examination requirements:

  • Black pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Calculator

Candidates are responsible for bringing ALL the equipment needed for each exam.  Any pencil cases taken into the exam room must be see-through.

Notification of results

November GCSE resits – 13 January 2022 (available from 9 am)

January BTEC – 23 March 2022 (available from 11 am)

January Cambridge Technical – 16 March 2022 (available from 9 am)

January/February NCFE Varies – 23 March – 04 May 2022

Statement of results will be emailed to each candidate’s College email address and will be available on ProPortal.

On-demand exam results are available to view on ProPortal.

Post results services (not applicable for on-demand exams)

Post results services give candidates the opportunity to request a copy of an exam script back (Access to Scripts) or to request a review of marking (Review of Results).

Candidates need to be aware that, if they decide to progress with a review of marking, there are three possible outcomes:

  • The original mark is lowered, so the final grade may be lower than the original grade received.
  • The original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to the grade.
  • The original mark is raised, so the final grade may be higher than the original grade received.

In order for college to request post results services, the relevant form must be completed and signed by the candidate.  This is available from the exams office. A fee will be charged for this service which will be refunded if the overall grade changes.


GCSE certificates will be available from early April for the November resit.  Candidates who are still on roll will be contacted and asked to collect their certificate(s) from the exams office.  For candidates who are no longer on roll, their certificate(s) will be posted to them. Candidates must ensure they have notified the College of their correct address.

Good luck to candidates for their assessments/examinations.

Contingency Day

The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 29 June 2022 as a ‘contingency day’ for examinations. This is consistent with the qualification regulators’ document Exam system contingency plan: England, Wales and Northern Ireland – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/exam-system-contingency-plan-england-wales-and-northern-ireland.   The designation of a ‘contingency day’ within the common examination timetable is in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations in the United Kingdom. It is part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for examinations.

Candidates must remain available until Wednesday 29 June 2022 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

Contingency Arrangements 2022: GCSE, AS, A level, Project and AEA

The Department for Education and Ofqual jointly consulted from 30 September to 13 October on Proposed contingency arrangements for awarding Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs), for use in the unlikely event that exams are not able to go ahead in summer 2022 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  The government is clear that students entering GCSEs, AS or A levels in 2022 should expect to take exams in the summer.

Ofqual has written an open letter to students  confirming the arrangements for regulated qualifications being taken in Summer 2022

JCQ has prepared a series of Summer 2022 contingencies FAQs

DfE and Ofqual  Contingency plans confirmed for GCSEs, AS and A levels