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Exams – January Important Information

All scheduled Exams and Controlled Assessments will continue as planned throughout January. You will have already received your exam timetable and these dates and times will remain the same.

Important information:

  • Arrive at College 30 minutes before your exam time unless you have previously been given consent to be onsite beforehand
  • Sign in at reception and wait in the designated area for your bubble within Haybridge/Rendevouz
  • Arrive at your exam room 10 minutes before your exam time. The invigilator will give further instructions as you enter the exam room.

You must:

    • Wear your ID badge at all times
    • Sanitise your hands when entering the College building and frequently throughout your time spent onsite. Sanitiser and wipes will be available in the exam room.
    • Wear a mask or suitable face covering at all times, including for the duration of your exam. Face coverings can be removed for eating and drinking only.
    • Bring your own equipment
    • Leave the College site immediately after your exam has finished unless you have previously been given consent to remain onsite.

It is important that if you do not feel well and have any COVID symptoms then you do not come to College. You must contact the absence line on 01952 642244 who will inform the exams team and where possible, special consideration will be applied to the exam boards for your absence. 

You will be sent a text reminder the day before your exam that will give you details of the time and room of your exam. If you have any questions prior to your exam please contact the exams team on 01952 642438

Vocational exams and assessments

The January examinations for the vocational subjects will take place between Wednesday 6 January and Wednesday 27 January. The set tasks for BTEC and NCFE will take place between Wednesday 6 January and Friday 26 February.

Exam results days

  • BTEC – 17 March 2021
  • Cambridge Technical – 17 March 2021
  • NCFE – 30 March – 20 April


Candidates will receive a Statement of Entry which will list all of the exams they will be sitting. This must be checked by the candidate and any errors or omissions should be reported to the exams office immediately. Candidates are responsible for checking:

  • Name is spelt correctly
  • Address is correct
  • Dates and times of all exams

Candidates will receive personalised timetables nearer to the start of the exams which include examination details such as special arrangements, date, time, duration, room and seat number.

Examination boards

  • Edexcel
  • OCR
  • NCFE

Candidate name

Candidates should check that the name which appears on their Statement of Entry is their correct legal name as this will appear on certificates.  Also, candidates must write their legal name on all examination scripts.

Candidate number

Each candidate will be issued with a candidate number specific to the exam board which will appear on the seating card.  This must be written on all examination scripts.

Food and drink

Food is not permitted in the examination room unless there is a medical requirement.

Water is permitted in the examination room but must be in a clear bottle with the label removed.


Candidates should make sure they have the correct equipment for the exam.  The following equipment may be required as per the individual examination requirements:

  • Black pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Calculator

The College cannot supply any equipment.  Candidates are responsible for bringing ALL the equipment needed for each exam.  Any pencil cases taken into the exam room must be see-through.

Candidates may bring a small hand sanitiser into the exam room.

Face coverings

  • Candidates must wear a face covering whilst waiting to enter and when leaving the exam room
  • Candidates do not need to wear a face covering during exams, but may wear it if preferred.


  • Candidates will be called in to the exam.
  • Candidates will be seated in the exam room in “bubbles”.
  • Further details will be confirmed closer to the exam date.


Exam rooms will be kept clean.  Frequently touched surfaces (door handles, individual desks and so on) will be cleaned after every exam.

Examination regulations

Copies of examinations regulatory notices can be found at https://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/information-for-candidates-documents/

  • Information for Candidates – Coursework
  • Information for Candidates – Non-Examination Assessment
  • Information for Candidates – On Screen-Tests
  • Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice
  • Information for Candidates – Social Media
  • Information for Candidates – Written Examinations

It is important that candidates read and understand the regulations as any breach of these rules could result in a candidate being disqualified from examinations.

The ‘Warning to Candidates’ and ‘Unauthorised Items Poster’ will be displayed outside each examination venue.

At all times during the exams, please follow the instructions of the invigilator.

Please note: hats, watches, mobile phones or any other electronic devices will not be allowed AT EXAM DESKS in the exam room.  They should be put away before entering the exam room and candidates must follow the instructions of the invigilator/s.

Start and finish time of examinations

The start and finish times of examinations will vary; this information can be found on exam timetables.

Candidates who have been granted additional time by the SEN department are expected to stay for the full duration of the exam.

Attendance at examinations

Candidates are responsible for checking their own timetables and arriving at college on the correct day and time.  Candidates should go straight to their examination room and then wait outside until the invigilator calls them in.  Please be outside the room no more than 10 minutes before the start time.

Notification of results

BTEC and Cambridge technical results will be available on 17 March 2020

NCFE varies and results will be available between 30 March – 20 April

If any candidate has a query about their vocational exams, they should speak with the Examinations Team Leader who is based in the exams office E030, exams@telfordcollege.ac.uk

Good luck to all candidates for their spring examinations.