Welcome to college

Welcome | Telford College

Welcome | Telford College

On this welcome page you’ll find all you need to know about your first few weeks with us at Telford College.

It’s ok, we’re all going through big changes, but together we can achieve great things.

We’re a friendly bunch, if you need anything else or if you’re confused please give someone a shout who’ll ensure you feel welcome.

What are your next steps?

  • Come to induction
  • Get settled in
  • Start making new friends

What’s on offer?

Sports development officers will be available to discuss the sports academy in the Sports Block, they will help you stay fit and healthy whilst studying here. Did you know you’ve got free gym membership? Book yourself a gym in Sports Block and start training straight away.

Other non-sport enrichment is also available to enhance your experience at Telford College. Discover more with our enrichment coordinator Dan Blasczyk.

Discover our full list of enrichment activities to help you settle in to student life.

This year we ran a number of classroom based and sports enrichment activities including basketball, table tennis, archery and netball. If you would like to sign up to any of these activities or if you would like to sign up to one that is not on the timetable below, please get in touch with Dan your student engagement officer at Daniel.blasczyk@telfordcollege.ac.uk.

Enrichment | Welcome | Telford College

Enrichment | Welcome | Telford College

Fancy a bit of sport but can’t commit to a team?

Sports academy Enrichment timetable | Telford College

Represent the college in:

  • Basketball
  • Female Football
  • Male Football
  • Netball

Don’t worry if you miss the first session, you can join the sports academy anytime in the year.

What’s student support fund?

Please pop into the learner hub if you think you need some financial support, our *student support fund helps with costs of:

  • Free and subsidised bus passes
  • Free college meals
  • Course resources
  • Course uniform
  • Childcare

*Conditions apply


If you need to talk to someone confidentially you can speak to your personal tutor, you can also speak to our CASA team who can help you with more sensitive subjects. You can find CASA in the learner hub. You can also email the team on casa@telfordcollege.ac.uk or call 01952 642361.


  • If the fire alarm goes off please follow your member of staff to the nearest assembly point.
  • If you need first aid please talk to your member of staff or go straight to reception.
  • If you can’t attend college please email absences@telfordcollege.ac.uk or call 01952 642244.
  • Term dates can be found here ac.uk/term-dates
  • Please wear your ID at all times, it’s so we know you’re a student here.

Student handbook

You’ve been given a student handbook with more information, please use it to answer any questions. The tables in the back will be very useful to make notes of your timetable, assessments, exams, work placements and enrichment.

Sports enrichment

We’ve got lots you can get involved in without joining one of the college teams. It’s a more relaxed session and you’ll enjoy meeting your peers from across the college. This is the normal sports timetable when we’re not in lockdown.

Monday 12.15-1pm Gym Fitness Suite
Monday 4.30pm-6pm Sports Academy – basketball Sports Hall
Monday 4.30pm-6pm Sports Academy –male football 3G
Monday 4.30pm-6pm netball Sports Hall
Monday 4.30pm-6pm Sports Academy – female football Dome
Monday 4.30-5.30pm Gym Fitness Suite
Tuesday 12.15-1pm Gym Fitness Suite
Tuesday 12.15-1pm Basketball Sports Hall
Tuesday 12.15-1pm Female Futsal Sports Hall
Tuesday 4.30-5.30pm Gym Fitness Suite
Tuesday 4.30-5.30pm Badminton Sports Hall
Tuesday 4.30-5.30pm Table Tennis Sports Hall
Wednesday 12.15-1pm Female Only Gym Fitness Suite
Wednesday 3pm-6pm Sports Academy – basketball Sports Hall
Wednesday 12.30pm-4.30pm Sports Academy –male football 3G
Wednesday 12.30pm-4.30pm netball Sports Hall
Wednesday 12.30pm-4.30pm Sports Academy – female football Dome
Wednesday 1pm-3pm Rugby Field
Wednesday 4.30-5.30pm Gym Fitness Suite
Thursday 12.15-1pm Futsal Sports Hall
Thursday 4.30-5.30pm Gym Fitness Suite
Thursday 4.30-5.30pm Archery Sports Hall
Thursday 4.30-5.30pm Volleyball Sports Hall
Friday 12.15-1pm Gym Fitness Suite
Friday 4.30-5.30pm Circuits Studio