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Governor (Co-opted)

Application deadline
July 31, 2024 12:00 am
Employment type
Voluntary hours. Ideal to work around current role with one Corporation meeting a month for 10 months of the year and an additional 4 audit committee meetings per year.
Telford College - Wellington, Telford
Reporting to
Potential interview date
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About the role

Becoming a governor of Telford College Corporation is a unique opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction and governance of the college. It is also a serious undertaking and requires time and commitment. Consequently, you may wish to apply to become a Co-opted Governor.

Co-opted Governors are an important part of our succession planning and becoming one could afford you the time to consider your application for the role whilst obtaining some experience of what life is like on our governing board.

Our Co-opted Governors have the opportunity to attend some corporation meetings (or all if you choose), without the full commitment required of a member of the Corporation. Alternatively, you could attend only the meetings of a specific committee for which you feel you could contribute most effectively.

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about education, possess strong leadership skills and are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. Your unique perspective and expertise will be valued as part of our governing body.

Key Responsibilities

Determine the strategic policy and overall direction of the college; oversee its activities; and monitor the performance of the Principal and other senior post holders.

  • Observe the provisions within the Instruments & Articles of Government (and in particular discharge the responsibilities given to them by the Articles), comply with the Standing Orders and ensure the Corporation acts within the powers conferred on it by the Further & Higher Education Act 1992
  • Be committed to securing safeguarding and equality of opportunity within the college, to combating discrimination of whatever grounds
  • Abide by the principle of collective responsibility. Once a decision has been taken by the Corporation, members have a duty to stand by it, even if they voted against the decision or were absent from the relevant meeting
  • Ensure the business of the Corporation is conducted openly and transparently
Skills, knowledge and expertise

Skills and expertise

  • Ability to provide strategic direction, oversight, and leadership
  • Experience in strategic planning, goal setting and performance monitoring
  • Ability to identify, assess and manage risks related to governance, finance, operations and compliance
  • Commitment to promoting and fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students and staff
  • Familiarity with quality assurance processes, and implementing continuous improvement initiatives