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Willow Tree Centre

The Willow Tree Centre is a self-contained learning facility which provides a safe and stimulating environment for those with severe learning difficulties and complex needs.

The rich and exciting curriculum is tailored to each student’s specific needs in a suite of classrooms, sensory rooms, and life skills rooms.

The multi-sensory approach encourages everyone to be as independent as possible.

Students are taught one-to-one or in small groups with a high staff-to-student ratio.

The team of highly-trained staff include specialist learning facilitators to safely administer medication and emergency first aid, appropriate to each student’s need.

Students are fully supervised, allowing staff to give guidance and ensure their safety.

Willow tree students
Willow tree students

The centre’s aims and objectives are:

Preparation for adulthood: To ensure our students progress and leave as young adults who are as independent as possible – at home, in the community and potentially in the workplace.

Promoting independence: We understand that some of our students will never be fully independent, but strive to ensure they live as full a life as possible and build self-esteem and confidence.

Age-appropriate learning: Our curriculum recognises learners as young adults. Content reflects the priorities of post-16 age groups and begins a shift from main school curriculum models and towards preparation for adult life.

Personalised learning programmes: Developing each student’s bespoke person-centred programme starts with a six-week initial assessment period including information from schools, families, carers and other agencies.