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Check out our top tips below to support you to succeed at studying from home!

Set up your study space

For a successful study session, you need to get in the zone. Pick out a quiet space where you can set up your laptop or computer and get your books and stationery together. Make sure your dedicated study spot is in a distraction-free part of the house – whether that’s the kitchen table, home office or your bedroom.

Minimise distractions

It’s easy to lost focus and start scrolling through social media. Turn your phone onto airplane mode whilst you’re studying so you’re not tempted by Twitter. It’s best to pick a study space where you won’t be distracted by Netflix either – avoiding screens, aside from the computer you use to study of course, will help you keep focused. 

Take regular breaks

Regular study breaks will help you stay motivated – and stay social, too. Set yourself a study schedule and incorporate plenty of short breaks. During your breaks, grab a glass of water, have a snack, or check your social media. It’s also a good time to check in with your course mates and see how they’re doing or share your ideas too.

Remember your support network

You may not be able to spend time together physically, but your friends, course mates and college tutors are all just an email away. Make sure you use your support network - reach out if you need any support with your studies or have any worries, concerns or queries. We’re all here to help you succeed.

Plan it out

Whether you’re a pro planner or not, setting yourself a study schedule will help you succeed. You can find plenty of free study plan templates online, or use a diary or your phone’s calendar to detail your study session schedule.

Be positive

Give yourself a break – staying motivated to study from home is hard, so be kind to yourself. Studying from home takes practice, and the more you practice, the more you’ll discover your own learning style. Try texting your course mates and asking their methods of successful home study, and take a break if you're feeling frustrated.

Keep the end goal in mind

Don’t forget why you’re doing this. Whether it’s your goal to boost your grades, achieve your dream career or get into your first choice university, think of the bigger picture. Your hard work now will soon pay off!