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A level student Gabe discusses Egyptology ambitions

Gabriel Fay

Gabriel Fay, previously of Hadley Learning Community, sat down with us to talk about his studies, aspirations and where to find an ancient mummy in Liverpool.

“I originally wanted to come to Telford College because of the wide range of courses on offer. I was looking at other colleges but none of them offered the exact courses I wanted to do, with the right options inside those courses. At Telford College, I could do a history course but also specialise in certain areas of interest.

“I love studying chemistry and all the lab work involved. We have to do 10 required practical exams and a practice practical for each too; I feel I get to understand more with first-hand experience.”

He added: “I like the practical research that comes with history, going and finding sources and learning more about a subject I love in a new book, it really helps promote the independence I’ll need when studying at university.

“I really enjoy the freedom we have with our studies at Telford College, with support available from members of staff whenever we need it. My lecturers are very helpful and enthusiastic in the subjects they teach. Ken, my chemistry lecturer, lives and breathes chemistry – he makes the subject very, very interesting.

“I’m currently looking to study Egyptology and archaeology at University of Liverpool. I feel that my current subjects, history and chemistry, will help with the lab work. The National Museums Liverpool has an Egyptian exhibit, I think it’d be brilliant to get a placement there.”

The World Museum, part of the National Mueseums Liverpool, boasts over 15,000 artifacts, which even survived a bomb blast in the 1941 Liverpool blitz.

Outside of college Gabe is preparing for university, reading up on history and Egypt, as well as playing football.

His criminology lecturer, Azizur Rahman, said: “Gabe is an exceptionally hardworking and committed individual who consistently demonstrates a strong dedication to his studies.

“His passion for criminology is evident in his controlled assessment/exams and engagement with class discussions. He possesses a keen analytical mind, always paying meticulous attention to detail and displaying a profound understanding of the subject matter.

“What sets Gabe apart is not only his academic knowledge but also his proactive approach to learning. He is never hesitant to seek clarification or ask for support when needed, showcasing a commendable commitment to understanding the material thoroughly. As a result, this leads to personal growth but also positively influences the overall academic environment.

“Gabe is also a team player; not only is he respectful of diverse perspectives but also contributes constructively to group discussions, creating an engaging learning atmosphere.“

If you’re interested in studying history and chemistry like Gabe, view our A levels or book onto an open event.