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Brooke sees marketing as a pathway to the future

Spence Brooke Communication and marketing

We spoke to Brooke Spence after her recent appointment as the marketing and communications officer on the student council at Telford College.

Previously at Hadley Learning Community, Brooke says: “I initially came to Telford College as it was closest to where I live, meaning I could walk there from home and could be independent, not relying on lifts or public transport.

“I chose to study Media, Sociology and English Language as I like being creative and producing digital work.

“In media we’ve been creating magazine covers and music videos, as well as theory, writing, connotations and meanings. For English, we’ve been studying old variations of the English language to gain an understanding of etymology of words today.”

Outside of college, Brooke likes to dance, as she likes the creative, imaginative side and movement of that it involves.

“I wanted to get involved with the student council, specifically in the marketing and communication officer role because I think it’s fantastic experience and a great pathway into university and the future career I want to do.

“I want to go into media and communications; I’ve been looking at courses at Liverpool and Keele universities as they delve heavily into meanings, influential and creative sides behind what I do, as well as the practical work.

“Working with the college’s professional marketing team, I get a unique insight into how a team works and why we do certain things. I can then apply that to what I do with the student council and my own coursework, which will put me into the correct mindset when I go on to university.

“I would eventually like to work in advertising; the creation, research, planning and production that goes into a campaign really interests me.”

Robert Bennion, Brooke’s media tutor, says: “Brooke is an excellent student. She demonstrates a genuine interest in her studies. Her success comes from her attention to detail and organisation – she organises her notes very well and asks questions to further her knowledge.

“She has obligations outside of college, including her dance classes and performances, but always ensures that she finds time to complete her college work to the highest possible standard.”