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College hands out more laptops to help students stay online

Telford College is handing out dozens more laptops to help vulnerable or disadvantaged students to access learning and stay connected while studying at home.

More than 30 laptops are being delivered this week to students who are in receipt of bursaries, on outreach programmes, or deemed to be disadvantaged or vulnerable.

Laptop investment | Telford College
Laptop investment | Telford College

Another batch is due to go out shortly after half term, taking the total number of laptops distributed by the college so far this year to almost 100.

It is all part of the college’s ‘blended learning’ timetable, which has been adapted for the Covid-19 landscape to allow student to divide their studies between time on campus, and working at home.

Simon Badley, Telford College’s curriculum support team leader, said: “These laptops allow students to access their full college desktop, and all the relevant software they need for their studies.

“The blended learning approach we are taking this year means some lessons being delivered through platforms such as Teams, and generally encouraging a more digital way of working both on and off campus.

“Not only is this helping to keep students safe, it is also assisting them to develop the skills and experience they will need if they are ever required to work from home in the future.”

The laptops are financed through a college fund which is set aside to provide support for disadvantaged and vulnerable students.

The laptops are also being made available to students in receipt of bursaries, and learners on the college’s Aspire outreach programme.

A guide to online learning resources has been created for students, and can be found here.