Studying criminology really does pay at Telford College

Telford College’s criminology courses are going from strength to strength – and setting students on a pathway to a range of fantastic careers.

The two-year course, which leads to a level three extended diploma, has become one of the most popular offerings at the college’s 7th Form centre, and is an ideal stepping-stone to jobs in the police force, legal professions or forensic sciences.

Criminology tutor Mel Rooney said: “We launched this course in 2017 and each year it has become more and more popular. We have consistently achieved above the national average, and our results are increasing year-on-year.

“The course is accepted at top universities, and can be studied alongside other A levels such as

Criminology | CSI Telford | Telford College
Criminology | CSI Telford | Telford College

psychology, sociology and English which are all perfect matches.”

She added: “Our students don’t have to wear a uniform which allows them to be more comfortable, and creates a more relaxed learning environment. This in turn allows students to engage and express their opinions more freely, and openly. We love seeing our young people come out of their shell.

“Our teaching uses a variety of strategies to engage and stretch our students. Lessons combine lecture-style delivery, small group work and project-based tasks which strengthen employability skills.

“Students complete homework every week, and do five major tests across the year to ensure they are on track to achieve at least their target grade.”

The criminology course covers four units over the two years – changing awareness of crime, criminological theories, crime scene to court, and crime and punishment. It includes a mixture of internal controlled assessment and external examinations throughout the two years.

Field trips also play a part in the studies; prior to lockdown, students got to visit the former Shrewsbury Prison, and next year the college is looking to introduce more opportunities including visits from external speakers.

Former Madeley Academy student Paige Probert is among the current cohort, and is hoping to

Criminology | Paige Duce | Telford College
Criminology | Paige Duce | Telford College

progress onto John Moores University in Liverpool to continue her criminology studies.

She said: “It’s interactive and we have a lot of class discussions, just as you would at university. It’s different to school – we don’t wear a uniform, we call the teachers by their first names, but we do get stretched and challenged to achieve our best.

Paige Duce from Broseley, a former Telford Langley student who is also studying psychology, said: “I find criminology really interesting, and being able to study it at college is a great opportunity. The experience has been fascinating.

Former Hadley Learning Community student Lei-Larni Johnstone, who plans to study

Criminology | Lei-Larni Johnstone | Telford College
Criminology | Lei-Larni Johnstone | Telford College

criminology and history at Keele, said: “I like criminology as it shows me an insight into criminal investigations and the roles of the different agencies.

“It gets me to look at things from a different perspective. I would recommend Telford College as you get to be independent and have a vast number of courses to choose from.”

Lauren Adams from Woodside, a former Haberdashers Abraham Darby student, said she had appreciated the fresh perspective which the

course delivers.

“It is something different to your ordinary subjects; you’ll always learn something new, and you can really be yourself in your lessons. The bonds you make with your teachers and staff members are phenomenal as they make you feel really welcome and always offer a

Criminology | Lauren Adams | Telford College
Criminology | Lauren Adams | Telford College

helping hand, no matter what it is.”

Lauren plans to study criminal justice and criminology at the University of Plymouth when she graduates from Telford College.

She said: “If you live in south Telford, like me, it is worth the journey – I recommend Telford College to anyone considering a career in criminology.”

Former Thomas Telford student Ben Housden, from Aqueduct, is also on the course. He said:

“The teachers at Telford College guide you whilst building friendly and strong relationships with the class, which makes the whole experience a lot better.

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Criminology | Ben Housden | Telford College
Criminology | Ben Housden | Telford College

Mel Rooney is my teacher, mentor, and role model all wrapped into one person. She’s great. I want to join the police in the future, potentially the mental health response side of the force.

“I would recommend Telford College as a perfect interval between school and university which sets you up for university and later in life.”

Hollie Thomas from Albrighton, who is also studying A level film studies and sociology, said:

Criminology | Hollie Thomas | Telford College
Criminology | Hollie Thomas | Telford College

“This course and the insight to things people overlook has ready sparked my interest to taking criminology further.

The former Idsall student said: “I plan to progress to Birmingham City University to study criminology, policing and investigation. Telford College offers so many opportunities, giving more independence while still offering fun and interactive lessons.”

For more details about Telford College’s criminology courses, click here. 


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