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Cruise ship career hopes for beauty student Greta

Greta Beauty Certificate Telford College

A Telford College beauty student has her sights set on a career on the high seas when her training is complete.

Greta Kasparaviciute signed up to a Level 2 Beauty course, and has now progressed to Level 3.

She said she was thoroughly enjoying working in Telford College’s industry standard training salon, The Retreat, and has also received a certificate in honour of her 100% attendance record.

“I chose beauty therapy because when I was little, I used to do my own and my sister’s make-up, so I naturally gravitated towards the subject,” said Greta, who attended Eastlea community school in London.

“The course increased my knowledge and interest in the industry, and I particularly enjoy learning about facials and back massages as I find the whole experience relaxing and calming.

“The facilities at Telford College are incredible – I didn’t expect to have my lessons in an industry standard salon. I would really recommend the course as it’s not only relaxing, but it’s also creative and fun.”

Greta said the theory side of the course had proved more difficult than the practical side, but putting in extra effort was the key to success.

Greta Kasparaviciute | Telford College
Greta Kasparaviciute | Telford College

“The teaching staff are lovely too – they’re friendly and supportive, and always available to give you help when you need it.”

Following her college course, Greta hopes to get a job in a spa or on a cruise ship as a beauty therapist, with the aim of one day opening her own salon.

Learner manager Charlotte Anson said: “Greta works incredibly hard. She is very dedicated to her studies and applies herself wholeheartedly to all that she does.

“Greta will make a fantastic therapist and would be a great asset to any team. I believe she will fulfil her dream job on board the ships.”

For more details about Telford College’s beauty courses, and the facilities at The Retreat, see

The Retreat not only serves as the college’s specialist training facility, but also opens to the public to give students a chance to conduct treatments under the watchful eye of tutors.

The Retreat is now taking bookings for members of the public. To find out more about treatments and opening hours, call 01952 642466.