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Digital students share their love for IT on International Girls in ICT Day

Jessica & Joy

Three of Telford College’s talented digital students celebrated International Girls in ICT Day by showing us their current projects.

Joy Ameafule and IIyayda Syuleman, both studying level 1 business and digital studies, have been creating bespoke websites as part of their programme. Meanwhile Jessica Kudjordjie, who studies the level 3 adult digital programme, displayed her budget planner.

International Girls in ICT Day aims to encourage young women and girls to pursue their studies and careers in science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and other fields to help them achieve their dreams, whilst bridging the gender digital divide.

Ilyayda said: “We’ve been creating websites in our sessions and we’ve learnt a lot about coding. I’ve always been interested in IT since a young age.

“My dream job is to work in cyber security, maybe as an ethical hacker who shows companies their digital weaknesses so they can improve for the better.”

Joy said: “I chose to study a digital programme as it’s a subject I’m interested in and I feel like I can change the world through it. When I leave college, I want to work in web design as I really enjoy creating new designs.”

Michelle Williams, computing lecturer at Telford College, said: “Our students understood it was an important day to celebrate and they are aware that there are less females in the IT sector, so they work incredibly hard so they can be first in the queue for their dream jobs.

“Jessica, Joy and Ilyayda are model students; they always hand in their work on time, they enjoy their assignments, and they love the challenge the programme presents them. They’re doing so well, and they feel they’ve come on leaps and bounds. I know they want to progress and take their studies further.

“It’s so important to recognise women in IT, the industry has been historically a male-dominated sector, and times are changing. Every year we have more and more female students studying digital programmes and their skills are just as good as their male counterparts.”

Inspired by the girl’s efforts? Explore the world of digital and our brand-new Digital & Maths skills hub at the Station Quarter development.