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Digital students visited by Shrewsbury and Telford hospital staff

NHS speakers stand in front of Business & Digital sign

Members of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital’s digital workforce (SaTH) visited us to explain how the NHS uses digital technologies, and the sort of job roles available in the sector.

Rebecca Gallimore, John Cunningham, Jon Cartlidge, Emma Murdock, Harvey Edge, Mark Hoult and Rachel Matthews spoke to business and digital students, giving them insights into what their work entails.

The staff split up into three different groups, rotating between classes to talk about the individual teams in the department. The infrastructure team brought a whole array of physical components, from cables and motherboards to routers and switches, providing students with a hands-on learning experience.

John Cunningham talks to students

Rebecca Gallimore, director of digital transformation at SaTH, said: “My job is about providing support to the hospital, we’re a service supporting patients, clinicians and other hospital staff. We have a wide range of different services and a big team covering all the areas.

“At Shrewsbury and Telford hospital, we’re always looking at how we can bring in new people, how we can develop people and present our different pathways.

”We’re really keen to get new people in to the NHS, particularly digital at the hospitals. We thought the best way to do that was to contact the college, being able to present to the students the different things that we can offer, like placements and apprenticeships.

“Not all of our roles are technical, we really want to give students a flavour of what we can provide.”

Harvey Edge, an infrastructure apprentice with the hospitals, said: “I wanted to be an apprentice because I wanted the hands-on experience, to actually get in there and learn how to do the job, which was the best way of learning for me.

Various hardware

“I would recommend an apprenticeship, it’s one of the best opportunities to get real world experience.”

One of our students, Digital T-Level student Robert Horton, was particularly inspired by the visit. “I thought the talks were really good. They were informative, they gave us a hands-on experience with hardware and the speakers were knowledgeable and answered our questions well.

“I’m really excited to apply for a place at SaTH”

If you’d like to visit our digital department and see what career paths are available, visit us at our next open event on Wednesday 15th November. To register, click here.