Things to know about the new Telford College

Published: August 23, 2017

Your questions answered…

There’s been lots going on at Telford College of Arts and Technology and New College Telford the last 18 months and we’ve had a lot of questions from students, parents, employers and schools about a wide range of topics so we’ve put together a ‘Things to know about Telford College’. If you have anymore questions please contact us here.

What does Telford College stand for?

  • We provide you with innovative learning, teaching and assessment.
  • We provide you with the best experience at college.
  • We ensure you have successful careers through high expectations and raising aspirations.
  • You develop strong academic, technical and employability skills.
  • We are the number one/most popular place to learn and achieve your goals in Telford
  • We develop the region’s next innovators, entrepreneurs and workforce.
  • We have university-standard facilities that will inspire you on your course.
  • Your new skills will lead to your employer’s success.

Why are the colleges merging?

We want to use our combined knowledge and skills to build a one-stop service for students and employers, building on the best traditions of both colleges to provide high-quality education, skills and training – tailored to the needs of modern-day companies.

What will the merged college be called?

The merged college is to be called Telford College. It has a new management structure, a range of new courses, and will offer fresh, innovative teaching techniques. We’ve got a new look, vision and feel to our exciting new college. Take a look at our new logo.

Who should consider enrolling at Telford College?

We are the borough’s first choice educational provider with over 8,000 students – so whether you’re a school leaver, university student, looking to retrain, or an employer seeking to grow your business – Telford College is for you. You can find out our enrolment dates here.

Why should I attend Telford College?

We offer strong and clear progression routes – students develop strong academic, vocational and employability skills to move onto top universities, or into careers with major employers.

facilities Telford collegeWhere will I study?

For the 2017-18 academic year, we will be keeping both the current TCAT and New College Telford campuses open. For 2018-19, all students will then be attending the Telford College campus at Haybridge Road, Wellington, Telford, TF1 2NP.

Will I have the chance to combine a BTEC and A Level?

Yes, New College Telford already offered students the opportunity to study combined courses and as of September 2018 we will expanding options available to students to expand their knowledge and skills sets.

What sort of students will be at Telford College?

A very wide range, both in age and experience. We cater for everyone from A Level students to apprentices, school leavers looking to go onto university, and adults who are seeking to further develop their skills and professional qualifications.

How do the courses work?

Most full-time courses run over three days a week, and usual college hours are 9am to 4.30pm. We also have part time courses that run across daytime and evening as well as a range of university level course too.

Telford college new students dayWill I make friends?

This is one of the main questions we get asked when speaking to potential students and it’s understandable as college is a new experience to everyone.

But don’t worry our students say college is a really good environment for making new friends. Some come to college knowing nobody and looking for that fresh start, while others will already know friends from school.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

You don’t have to wear a uniform when you come to Telford College so you can come and be who you want to be at college.

Some courses do require students to wear specialist clothing based on their industry including sport, public uniformed services, hair and beauty and catering.

How do I get to Telford College?

There are lots of bus routes into college, and the railway station is also within walking distance of the campuses.

More details are due to be released by Arriva about our new bus services starting this September making it even easier to get to college.

Telford College frontageWhat will happen to where academic students will be based and study?

Telford College values all our students and we recognise with a new college being formed we should to be based on one site from September 2018 to create a true college community.

So what we’ve done is started to invest ¬£2 million into our Haybridge campus to create a dedicated and top spec facility for our academic students. We’ve got more details on this exciting project being released in the coming months.

Will there be enough room for both sets of students at Haybridge Road?

Yes, there will be plenty space for all students at the Haybridge Road campus. There are also plans to invest around £2 million on improvements to the campus over the next two years.

Will there be a specialist sixth form centre at Haybridge Road?

Yes, we acknowledge the need for a dedicated sixth form space on campus when the New College Telford site is no longer in operation.

What other strengths will the merged college have to offer?

University-standard facilities, strong links with universities and employers, and a quality of student experience you simply don’t get in a school.

Is the college linked to other educational organisations?Engineering industry visitors in Telford College Discovery centre | Courses for Engineering apprenticeships with Telford College

Yes, we are involved in University Centre Telford, a joint venture with the University of
Wolverhampton at Southwater, offering degree-level qualifications.
We are playing a leading role in the development of Telford and Shropshire, where companies continue to invest and grow each year.