Globe-trotting ambitions for equality and diversity officer

Anita ED Student Council

A student with an ambition to travel the world has been appointed as the new equality and diversity officer on the student council at Telford College.

Anita Afriyie Ake Boateng joined the college last year after living in Catalonia, in Spain, and speaks both English and Spanish.

She is studying law, psychology and criminology A levels at Telford College’s 7th Form, having already completed GCSE English and core maths.

“My role as an equality and diversity officer on the student council involves promoting diverse ethnicity, cultures and languages, and making sure the college is respecting and celebrating them,” said Anita.

“I was concerned that coming from abroad, doing online classes and starting my courses late would be a struggle.

“But I have found studying for my A levels and my GCSE English together an enjoyable experience – you have to work hard and actively pursue success, but the staff and my fellow students have helped me to stay on track and adjust, which I found really helpful.”

Anita said her aim was to pursue a legal career, with a focus on European legal studies, and take a course to become a translator.

“In the future, I want to travel to every corner of the world and learn, evolve and grow – I want to be able to celebrate different kinds of people and learn in a more personal and natural way – something that text books don’t have to offer.”

Anita said she was also interested in writing poetry – a hobby she wouldn’t have found the confidence to do before her GCSE English at Telford College.

“My biggest advice to anyone thinking about joining a course here is to choose something you enjoy.

“You don’t have to love it and you may have no clear idea about where you’re going, but in all the courses there’s a lot of hard work to be done, so if you’re not motivated you’re going to have a hard time.

“To enjoy your college journey, it’s important to choose subjects that you enjoy and that’s exactly what I’ve done during my time here.”


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