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Glowing praise for ‘amazing music’ produced by students


Music students from Telford College have received glowing praise for the songs they have been writing and recording in the college’s industry-standard studio facilities.

Their work is now being played regularly on BBC radio, as well as being performed at various music venues across the region.

Michaela Wylde, who produces and presents the BBC Introducing in Shropshire show, said: “The team here have been championing amazing music coming out of Telford College.

“The students have been producing a wide range of diverse, well produced and high-quality music that we have loved.

“We have played music from the likes of TippleJayy, Niamh Turley Moon, The Losing Score, The House Brotherz, Anna Silvers, Young Braves, Bryony Williams, Juliet Falls and The Balatinos, just to name a few.”

Current student artists and bands including Amber Hayden, Armillary and Sol ii have also been given airtime. Michaela said: “There has been a number of occasions where the music uploaded by current and past Telford College students has been such a high quality that we have been able to forward it on for consideration on national shows.

“There is so much talent, confidence and passion for music from Telford College. We can’t wait to keep playing incredible music from talented students.”

Telford College’s learner manager for creative and music, Andy Turner, said: “We changed our curriculum this year to facilitate two large-scale projects with the students – one collaborative group project and one where they take the lead on a solo project.

sol ii
Sol ii

“The work they have produced has been diverse, exciting, and the highest quality we have ever had. An external examiner moderated the collaborative projects and commented on the quality of the work and the commitment of the students to their course.

“The recognition and airplay from BBC Introducing in Shropshire shows that these students have an exciting future ahead of them in the music industry.”

Music lecturer Ben Fitzharris added: “Our students have developed and produced projects at a quality which is indiscernible from university and professional industry projects.

“They get an extraordinary level of access to our industry-standard equipment and facilities, with groups having hundreds of hours’ worth of studio time – which is worth several thousand pounds in the industry. It gives our students a distinct advantage in kick-starting their music careers and allows them to build substantial portfolios.”

Andy Turner left and the colleges Dan Blasczyk right with Michaela Wylde and Simon Berry from BBC Introducing at Alberts Shed in Telford
Andy Turner and Dan Blasczyk with Michaela Wylde and Simon Berry from BBC Introducing at an event in Albert’s Shed

In addition to the BBC exposure, the students have been able to perform at local music venues such as Albert’s Shed and The Firefly, gaining experience in organising, promoting and live-sound support.

Ben said: “This gives students the confidence to actually start booking their own live events and performing across the Midlands, with student bands playing a number of shows in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.”

Level three music student Felix Okoye Anyichie from the band Sol ii said: “The three college years have been the best learning experience as I had patient and passionate teachers that taught me the ins and outs of the industry.

“I had access to resources, people and spaces that made me go further in gaining experience as a sound engineer and performer.”

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