‘I want to become a doctor, to help young people like me…’

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Science student Zak Wardroper was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 11 – and is now hoping to become a doctor who can help other young people in the same position.

The former Telford Priory School student is studying chemistry, biology, psychology and core maths A levels at Telford College.

He is hoping to progress to Keele University to study medicine when his A levels are complete next year, with his sights set on becoming an oncology consultant or a surgeon.

“In 2017, aged 11, I was diagnosed with leukaemia,” said 16-year-old Zak, from St Georges. “My GP immediately sent me for blood tests after an appointment. I was then sent to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where I stayed for five initial weeks for chemotherapy.

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Zak Wardroper | Telford College | Science

“This has spurred me on to work in oncology and become one of the doctors who helped children like me.”

Zak said he was particularly enjoying ‘being treated like an adult’ by the team at Telford College.

“We call our teachers by their first name, we are left to organise our own time and extra studies, and we don’t get ordered around the building by a bell. I love the social aspect of college too – we can socialise with people who aren’t necessarily doing the same course or subjects that we are.”

He praised maths tutor Ed Young-Lidard for making sessions so interactive. And he added: “In chemistry practical experiments, we study things that might crop up in a future biology career, rather than random textbook reactions we studied previously in school.”

The college will be showcasing its courses at a Saturday morning open event on March 19. To register, or for more details, click here.


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