‘It all feels very safe’: Covid testing allows students to sit exams

Telford College students have praised the safety procedures in place on campus after being Covid tested before sitting their exams.

The college has turned its sports hall into a Covid testing centre, offering daily tests to staff and students.

Telford College | COVID flow test centre
Telford College | COVID flow test centre

It is being operated by volunteer Telford College staff who have all been through a comprehensive training programme.

Although A level and GCSE exams have been cancelled this year, other exams including BTEC, NCFE and Cambridge Technical tests are still going ahead.

Haseena Ishaq was among a group of biology students who were all tested today to allow them to sit their BTEC National exam.

She said: “It was a bit uncomfortable having the swab up my nose but it’s worth it because it meant I was able to sit my exam which I’ve been preparing for.

“The test centre is well organised and well managed; you go in, register your details, have your swab and leave from the one-way exit door.

“I was only in the centre for about 10 minutes. The staff ensure you’re only there for a limited amount of time, you’re asked to sanitise before and after your test, and everyone is in masks – it all feels very safe.”

Telford College | Covid flow test centre is safe
Telford College | Covid flow test centre is safe

Holly Davies, Telford College’s head of 7th Form, said: “It’s essential we get the students tested before exams so they can actually come to college and sit the papers.

“They’ve spent so long preparing for their exams it would be a shame if they can’t sit them. The test centre is a very safe environment – the students are contacted within 30 minutes if they have a positive test.”

Graham Guest, Telford College’s principal and chief executive, said: “We’re working hard to ensure students are not disadvantaged any more than necessary, and give them chance to achieve the best that they can.

“This Covid test centre is another important step towards our aim of keeping the college accessible to as many people as possible.”


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