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Kayleigh is building a better future for her family

Mother-of-four Kayleigh Parsons says completing an access to higher education course in social science at Telford College has helped her build a better future for her family.

She has now moved onto the University of Wolverhampton to study geography, urban environments and climate change, working towards a master’s degree in emergency and disaster management.

“When I first attended an open day at Telford College, I had presumed I would have to study for two years of A levels to be able to go to university, but the team introduced me to the access to higher education course,” said Kayleigh, from Telford.

“I was a chef at the time and had just had a big knee operation that meant I couldn’t do much for a while. So, I had a lot of time to think and decided I wanted a career change which meant getting back into education to fulfil my dream of becoming a paramedic.

“I’ve got four children who need a lot of support, so I needed to stay local and Telford College was a great fit.

“Sadly, five weeks into my course I realised that my knee injury meant I wouldn’t be able to qualify as a paramedic, so I transferred to the social science course and loved it straight away.

“The subjects were fascinating, and the tutors were so lovely and supportive. I felt that as adult learners, we were really respected for coming back into education when we had such busy lives already.

“I made friends with everyone on the course and have kept in contact with some who are now close friends. The best part of the access course is the confidence boost it has given me, and now I realise I can actually do these things.”

Kayleigh said she would definitely recommend an access course, as it had been so rewarding.

“Knowing that I was doing something to better the future for my family has felt amazing, and I’m so pleased that things have worked out so well.”

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