Mental health issues are in the spotlight

Mental health issues are in the spotlight

Lord Stevenson Mental Health Spotlight Telford College

Students at Telford College have been given an insight into a UK-wide campaign to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Learners from the college’s business and health courses received a visit from Lord Dennis Stevenson who is promoting a Private Members’ Bill – the Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill.

Lord Stevenson | Telford College
Lord Stevenson talking to Telford College students

They heard how it is hoped to be a key step in the UK towards removing a number of the most common discriminations against people who suffer from mental illness.

Lord Stevenson said: “I hope that my talk has helped the students understand that we all have mental health just as we have physical health – and that we all need to learn how to cope with the lows.”

Student engagement officer at the college, Dan Blasczyk, said: “I was delighted that Dennis came into the college to share his knowledge and experiences of mental health and business.

“Some of our business students have goals to become entrepreneurs and business owners, and our health students are currently studying legislation and policy in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

“Many of them are going into higher education with the aim of becoming mental health professionals.

Lord Stevenson | Telford College
From left, Teagan Hyatt, Kayleigh-May Anns, Lord Dennis Stevenson, Dan Blasczyk, Emily Newbold, and Charlotte Smith.

“Following this talk, we will be taking our students to the Houses of Parliament in the new year to get a better understanding of how Parliament works and the importance of voting.”

Students who met Lord Stevenson said the talk was eye-opening and very informative.

Health and social care student Teagan Hyatt said: “I found the experience very helpful. It was good to hear from someone who has an impact on mental health legislation as I am hoping to become a forensic psychologist.”

Charlotte Smith, who is also a health and social care student, said: “I found Dennis’ talk helpful and informative. He answered questions regarding the future, Covid, and the Government, and his topic on mental health was very useful to my course.”