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New-look foundation degree for community health and social care

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Telford College has unveiled a new-look foundation degree course for students looking to build or progress careers in the community health and social care sectors.

The two-year course, which can be topped up into a full BA honours degree with a further year at university, starts in September.

Caroline Bastow, learner manager for higher education and access, said: “There are an incredible range of job roles available in the community health and social care sectors right now.

“This Community Health and Social Care foundation course is perfect for people already working in a health and social care role, and looking to evolve or progress.

“It is also a good route for those who feel they want to make a difference to people’s lives, but perhaps haven’t quite decided where, or how.

“It provides the skills which people need to work in a wide range of settings including hospitals, care centres, medical centres, schools, and community support roles, as well as safeguarding, social work, advocacy, family or charity work.

“If you’re interested in any form of career in health promotion, or working with people in socially disadvantaged settings, this will tick the boxes.”

The course involves 12 hours of study a week, divided into three sessions at different times of the day – including the possibility of evening sessions to help people looking to fit it around busy work and family lives.

There may also be tuition fee support and maintenance loans available in certain circumstances for those reducing their working hours to enrol on the course.

Jacqui Nally, who lives in Trench, is currently mid-way through the foundation degree course, and says she can already see how the skills she is learning will open up a host of new career opportunities.

“The course content is very thorough, engaging and challenging. The tutors are incredibly knowledgeable and approachable – they plan lessons really well and are always interactive, encompassing plenty of group work as well as individual work.

“They set work to be done outside of college that is designed to challenge us and further our learning. On a more personal note, all of the tutors are very supportive, both in an academic and pastoral way, and will always go out of their way to help however they can.”

She added: “The course is allowing me to really identify what my passion is, and has helped me to believe more in myself and my abilities. I am much more confident speaking in front of others, voicing my opinions and delivering presentations.

“These skills alone will open up a number of opportunities for me within my career and I feel well equipped to go after what I want, no longer scared to go outside of my comfort zone.”

Caroline added: “Many of our students were working in a residential or home care job and have chosen to sign up for this course because they felt they wanted something slightly different. Others use courses such as this to improve their leadership skills – there is no such thing as a typical student on this programme.”

  • For more details, or to enrol on the new-look Community Health and Social Care foundation course, click here