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Parliament, democracy and freedom of speech in the spotlight

Clare Mullin on parliament democracy and freedom of speech

Telford College students were given an insight into the workings of the UK parliament, including our electoral and law-making systems, during a day of special talks.

They were delivered by Clare Mullin, UK Parliament senior education and engagement officer for the West Midlands, as part of UK National Parliament Week.

The sessions covered the workings of the Parliament, our democracy, voting and law-making, citizenship, and the importance of freedom of speech.

Parliament, democracy and freedom of speech in the spotlight
Clare Mullin speaking to Telford College students

Clare said: “I enjoyed my day at the college. We had a good mixture of students in the talks including some adult apprentices.

“The students asked some good questions and I listened to some good discussions between students throughout the day. I look forward to coming back to deliver some more workshops.”

Telford College’s student engagement officer Dan Blasczyk added: “The students asked some really good questions in relation to legislation and how to they could get their voices heard locally and nationally.

“This was an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance of freedom of speech, democracy and the power of voting.

Jordan Wordsell, a level three automotive apprentice, described the session as ‘an eye-opening experience’. He said: “I have learnt a lot about how parliament works; it was a very informative lecture.”

And Jake Haden, on the first year of a level three computing course, said: “I found the talk about parliament to be beneficial as it informed me of how it worked with various things such as the House of Lords and how to contact my local MP.”