Principal’s Column: Education is constantly evolving

Principal’s Column: Education is constantly evolving

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By Graham Guest, Telford College principal and CEO

Education is constantly evolving, and here at Telford College we’re proud to have unveiled two exciting new initiatives.

The first is called ‘Future IV’ – a suite of courses for students aged 16-18 which has been specifically designed for those with an interest in environmental education and action.

It includes a new A level geology curriculum, plus two other A levels and an extended project, all with a focus on gaining a better understanding of the many factors which are driving climate change.

To deliver the programme, we are working in close partnership with employers, academics and top universities, giving students chance to learn from scientists, archaeologists, geologists, and many more.

Why is this important? Studying the climate helps us to predict how much rain next winter might bring, how sea levels could rise due to warmer temperatures, and what the impact may be on places like Shropshire from flooding, heatwaves, or drought.

If you have an interest in the history, evolution and future of our planet, Future IV will tick all of the boxes.

At our October open event, we also showcased our first wave of T levels, which kick off next September. These are a new alternative to A levels for people who prefer a more vocational approach to learning.

Each T level is equivalent to three A levels from a university points perspective, with students spending around 20% of their time on placement with a local employer.

We’re starting with T levels in Digital, Health and Science, but will then begin rolling them out across areas such as Business, Construction, Art & Design, Media, Accounting, Hair, and Catering.

By developing our T levels in collaboration with employers, we make sure that the content meets their skills needs – and truly prepares students for work or further training.

None of this replaces our commitment to delivering apprenticeships, though, which continue to expand and evolve.

From accounting and automotive to computing and construction, our apprenticeships go from entry level all the way up to university-level qualifications.

These days it’s possible to do an apprenticeship in pretty much anything, at any age, gaining valuable qualifications, alongside real-world work experience.

Our next open event, when you can tour the campus and meet staff and students, is on the evening of November 30. But you can speak to us any time, or arrange a 1:1 visit if you prefer.

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