Remembrance service and poppy display pay tribute to our heroes

Public uniformed services students led a Remembrance Day service at Telford College, paying tribute to the nation’s war heroes.

Remembrance Service | Telford College
Remembrance Service | Telford College

The ceremony, which was scaled back this year to comply with Covid-19 guidelines, was held in the college sports hall and live streamed on video screens around the campus.

Staff and student paused for the two-minute silence at 11am.

Health and social care students from Telford College also created a p

The service was live streamed across the campus
The service was live streamed across the campus

oppy display on campus to show their support for the Remembrance Day campaign.

“It shows we care about the people who gave their lives for us,” said

Bethany Bourne, part of the level one group which has been involved in the project.

“This is important for me because I really appreciate the people, and the fact that they risked their lives for the war. They are heroes,” added another of the students, Rhonda Antwi.

Tutor Tracy Leah said: “We looked at the importance of Remembrance Day in tutorial and the students linked this to health and social care principles and values and the importance of



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