Telford College supports huge virtual careers festival

Telford College supports huge virtual careers festival

More than 1,400 Shropshire students will get the chance to take part in a huge new virtual careers festival of its kind, which kicks off next week.

Telford College is supporting the Learning Community Trust’s ‘Virtual Careers Festival’ – a two-week online event running run from November 9-20, from 3pm to 6pm each day, and supported by more than 40 companies and organisations.

It will offer around 120 interactive sessions with Zoom webinars themed around industry sectors so students can choose to view the events that interest them the most.

Gill Eatough, chief executive of the Learning Community Trust, said: “It’s so important that our students are given every opportunity to consider their next steps after school.

“The Virtual Careers Festival will provide great information and online presentations from across the post-16 sector to support our Year 11 and Year 10 students to help them consider the options available as they move forward.”

Each evening will feature a live webinar with a 15-minute chat about what it’s like to study in that particular sector – whether it’s A-levels or a vocational course. All career pathways will be included, such as further education, training providers, apprenticeships, and jobs.

During the fortnight, the Zoom itinerary will cover: food and drink; business, law and finance; manufacturing and engineering; transport and logistics; construction; health care and education; leisure, tourism and animals; IT; creative; and public services.

All the sessions will be recorded so that edited podcasts can be created for individual student advice after the festival.

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