Telford College’s new Student Council is elected

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Telford College’s new Student Council says it is looking to build strong links between staff and students, and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves.

The council for 2023 is headed by two 17-year-old A level students – president Carrie Mills, from Malinslee and vice president Zak Wardroper, from St Georges.

There are two equality and diversity officers – Arwa Ghazi and Jo Opoku, two environment and health & safety officers – Habiba Mohamed and Grace Page, and two LGBTQ+ officers – Drew Anscombe and Mikey Timmins.

Paige Prosser is healthy lifestyles and welfare officer, Nellia Lunteka is communication and marketing officer, and Eryn McEntagart, Emily Felton, and Eirys Rose Lawson-Broadhead are student council officers.

Shannon Marsh-Lloyd and Karina Saini have been appointed student governors, to represent the Student Council on the Telford College corporation board.

Carrie said: “I want to make the college as inclusive as possible, in areas such as food and clothing for example – and create an environment where everyone is able to express themselves.”

A level student Zak added: “I’m looking forward to making sure communication between students, and between staff and students, is strong – something which I know is a common goal for all of us.”

Drew and Mikey said they planned to use their roles to promote representation and equality – for everyone to have an equal say no matter their identity, and make people feel safe to express who they are.

And Emily added: “For me, it is important to make sure the council is there for others, particularly those people who are not comfortable voicing their issues.”

Rosie Baldwin-Jones, Telford College’s enrichment co-ordinator, said: “The Student Council exists to help share ideas, interests, and concerns with staff and governors. It is a vital link between tutors, curriculum leaders, and students.

“The council also gets involved in a range of enrichment and fundraising activities, and gives all of its members valuable experience in areas such as democracy, and leadership.”

Carrie and Zak also took part in a podcast to talk in more detail about their plans for the year. Listen here:


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