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Using language to be your ‘best possible self’

Felicity Wingrove talking to students

One of the UK’s leading experts in the psychology of language visited Telford College to outline how students can present themselves in the best possible light.

Felicity Wingrove, the founder of PR company Zen Communications and The Ultimate Advantage, has a passion for psychology, behavioural motivation and ‘all things language’.

She spoke to students about how they can master communication and present themselves in the best way to potential employers.

More than 100 students attended the ‘Language Mastery and Personal Power’ presentation, where Fliss also explained how awareness of language can help them to be their ‘most compelling self’.

She outlined some of the theories behind psycholinguistics, behavioural psychology, influence and persuasion, and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

“Each and every one of you is perfect, and unique,” she said. “You need to take command of how you are perceived.”

Fliss, who is also a director of Telford Business Board, outlined how to build a good rapport with people by using a range of tools including body language, and ‘active listening’.

“We all want to feel like we are important and that we matter,” she said.

Fliss has spent over 25 years managing the reputations of some of the country’s most recognised and loved companies, organisations and brands.

A psycholinguistic graduate, she’s dedicated the last two and a half decades to studying the art and science of persuasion and motivation, developing mastery of disciplines including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, behavioural psychology, and influence.

She is also a qualified and certified Women’s Empowerment Coach and Trainer.

Fliss was the latest in a line of expert speakers invited to speak to Telford College students as part of its ongoing enrichment programme.

Other recent visiting speakers have included SAS Who Dares Wins contestant Sean Anthony Sherwood, movie and TV stunt performer and co-ordinator Justin Pearson, senior figures from the legal profession, and celebrity exercise legend Mr Motivator.