Work placement takes Michal behind the scenes at Ofcom

Michal Kraskowski Ofcome

Telford College media student Michal Kraskowski got chance to delve behind the scenes of media regulator Ofcom during a fascinating work placement.

The former Hadley Learning Community student, from Malinslee, has just completed his second year of a level three creative media course at the college.

And as part of a week-long work experience programme he got chance to speak with Ofcom engineers and learn more about the media regulation industry.

Michal Kraskowski | Telford College
Michal Kraskowski, who delved behind the scenes at Ofcom on a work placement

Ofcom is the UK’s official communications regulator, covering the TV, radio and video on demand sectors, plus other areas including fixed line telecoms, mobiles, and postal services.

It also looks after the airwaves used by wireless devices like cordless phones, walkie talkies and even some car keys and doorbells.

Michal said: “We learnt all about what Ofcom do and the systems they use, and had a talk with their engineers. Then, at the end of the week, we had to create presentations on what we had learned.

“I really enjoyed learning more about the industry and doing a deep dive into how and why the media needs to be continually regulated.”

The placement tied in with an element of the Telford College course, which covers the basics of media regulation in the fields of film, TV and photography.

Michal said: “Through this opportunity, I can now show I have worked on my teambuilding and communication skills, and that I am efficient in working with others in a big company.

“I’ve also got a greater understanding of background policy and the behind-the-scenes area which will help my CV to stand out in the future.”

He added: “I heard that Telford College had really invested in their media facilities, and I liked the choice of courses on offer and the opportunities it could give me.

“My teachers have been very supportive and any problem I have had, they have done their best to help me through it.

“To anyone considering the sort of work experience that is available through Telford College, I’d say just go for it! You can never have too much work experience – the more, the better.”

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